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Board of Directors

Hui “Tom” Shen has served as a member of Fincera’s Board of Directors since Aug 30, 2018. Since August 2015, Mr. Shen has served as the Head of Operations for Fincera’s operating activities at the head office in Shijiazhuang. Concurrently, Mr. Shen has served as Executive Director for Fincera’s online lending subsidiary, Qingyi Technology, since July 2015. Since 2008, Mr. Shen has served in various roles at Fincera headquarters, including General Manager of Administration, Head of IT Operations, and Head of Human Resources. Before joining Fincera, from 1998 to 2007, Mr. Shen was a Sales Manager at Hebei Kaiyuan Real Estate Development managing and executing on sales and marketing strategy. Mr. Shen received a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Trade from Hebei Agricultural University in 1997.