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We are a provider of innovative online lending and ecommerce services for small and medium-sized businesses (“SMBs”) and individuals in China. Our mission is to promote the success of SMBs by providing access to web-based tools to help them grow their business online as well as access to affordable credit. Through our product offerings, we aim to be a leader in ushering in an era of inclusive finance and offline-to-online retail experiences in China.

In 1994, Fincera’s management team was the first to introduce commercial vehicle financing to China’s transportation industry. Over the next 20 years, Fincera refined and evolved its business model to focus on affordable web-based financial and ecommerce services for a wide variety of SMBs and individual consumers.

We launched our financial services platforms, CeraVest and CeraPay, at the end of 2014. CeraVest, known as Qingyidai (轻易贷) in China, is our proprietary peer-to-peer lending platform through which we offer SMBs short-term financing at competitive interest rates. CeraPay, known as Dianfubao (垫付宝) in China, is our proprietary revolving credit product that primarily processes and settles transactions between our borrowers and merchants.

Chinese small businesses deserve to have access to affordable credit, and it is our mission to establish a fair and inclusive credit market in China. Too many SMBs have either been ignored by the financial system or exploited by private lenders and internet finance platforms alike charging outrageous rates and fees. At Fincera, we strive to offer competitive rates and fees on our online lending platform for borrowers and attractive investment returns for loan investors.

Since launching our online platforms in December 2014 through December 31, 2017, we have facilitated approximately RMB 63.6 billion in total loans.

Our founder and chairman, Yonghui Li, founded one of the first vehicle purchase financing businesses in China.













Mr. Li takes on real estate development in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Heibei province, completing several landmark multi-family residential and commercial mixed-use buildings in the city between 2001 and 2011.

Our current business entity is established to invest in passenger vehicle dealerships across Hebei province, representing premier brands such as Audi and BMW.

We re-enter the truck purchase financing business with a standardized scalable approach that enables us to open 105 stores across China in one year.

Our current entity lists on NASDAQ as AutoChina International Ltd. through a reverse merger, and we begin divesting the passenger vehicle dealership business.

We increase our focus on the trucking industry, expanding our leasing business to span 17 provinces with over 300 stores and 2200 employees.

Our company is attacked by an anonymous short seller (link here) and is ultimately delisted from NASDAQ for failure to timely file our 2010 Annual Report on Form 20-F. PWC is dismissed as our auditor for holding out on signing off on our annual report without cause.

The SEC begins an investigation on alleged stock manipulation by the company. We settled the lawsuit for a minor $4.5 million penalty in 2014 without admitting or denying wrongdoing.

Kaiyuan Finance Center, the tallest building in Shijiazhuang developed by Mr. Li housing 27 floors of office space and the Shijiazhuang Hilton Hotel, opens for business.

Our first online services launch, and our journey to become a fintech company begins with our first payments and marketplace lending products.

The company changes its name to Fincera Inc. to reflect our business’ shift into providing comprehensive financial services to SMBs and individuals. We begin divesting our truck leasing business.

We change our outdated ticker from AUTCF to YUANF to pay homage to our Chinese brand name: Kaiyuan.

We are aiming to crush that RMB 100 billion target for total loan facilitations.

20+ Years of Corporate History in a Nutshell: