Update to Chinese Private Lending Rules

People’s Supreme Court of China issued a new ruling on matters related to private lending in China. Private lending is defined as lending between persons or entities that are not financial institutions sanctioned by financial regulators.

Regulatory Roundup Part III: Draft Regulations for Online Payments

At the end of July, China’s central bank issued a set of draft regulations on online payments for public opinion, which recently concluded at the end of August. The draft rules were hailed by industry players and media as the “harshest rules in history” targeting the third-party payment industry, or non-bank organizations conducting payment-related operations.

If Netflix Started Offering Loans

If this happened in the US, it would be the equivalent of a managing director or senior ranking officer of Bank of America leaving to head the internet finance division of Netflix.

Regulatory Roundup Part II: Insurance Regulations

Within a week after the State Council issued the Guidelines for the internet finance industry, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (“CIRC”) issued temporary regulations for online insurance services.

Regulatory Roundup Part I: The Royal Decree

Regulation might be bit of a dry topic for our first discussion, but the recent flurry of regulatory announcements from the Chinese government warrants our attention.

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