Fincera Inc. is a leading provider of innovative web-based services for China’s transportation and automobile industries. Our portfolio of services includes commercial vehicle financing, small business lending, B2B payment solutions, and ecommerce platforms. We currently operate two online financing products: CeraPay (垫付宝), a B2B payment platform, and CeraVest (轻易贷), a small business lending platform.

Established in 1994, Fincera was the first to introduce commercial vehicle financing to China’s transportation industry. Over the next 20 years, Fincera refined and improved its business model to include small business lending, payment networks, and ecommerce services.


  • CeraPay is an online B2B payment platform and short-term financing solution for small businesses operating in China's transportation industry, essentially providing virtual business credit cards that can both send and receive payments.

  • CeraVest is an online lending platform that provides short term loans to fulfill the working capital needs of small businesses in China.

  • Fincera provides heavy truck leasing services to individuals and small businesses operating in China's transportation industry. Fincera currently operates China's largest commercial vehicle sales, leasing, and support network.